Printing a removable customer address label from Shopify

With the invoice software for Shopify you can include the customer's invoice and delivery address on a peel off label on the invoice to stick to your parcels or letter

Because the label is on the same document that you pick and pack from, it improves the efficiency of your packing process and saves you time. There is also less chance of the wrong goods being sent to the customer. There are no new Shopify procedures to learn as you print your invoice in the same way that you currently do, shown below:

Installing the new invoice

Use the following procedure to setup the invoice to use our paper.

1 When you view an order, as shown above, click on the edit button next to the Invoice.

2 This will show you the html code to use to display the invoice, shown below.

3 Select all the text in the Code area (e.g. when in the box right click and select the Select All option).

4 Open the IL_Invoice.txt, for IL1 or IL1B and IL_Invoice2.txt, for IL2, IL2B or IL2P. These files are supplied with the software installation.

5 Select all the new HTML code in the displayed IL_Invoice.txt or IL_Invoice2.txtfile.

6 Copy the text (e.g. by using the Control key and C).

7 Paste this text (e.g. by using the Control key and V) into the Code area in Shopify.

8 Click on the Save button.

You are now ready to print your invoices onto the integrated label paper.